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Maintaining financial habits on your own is actually harder than rocket science. I would know. Finding an advisor that is a really good fit is also tough. Here’s a more formal introduction to help kick things off:

Emily McDonald is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of LPL Financial. She currently holds FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses with LPL Financial as well as state insurance licenses. She brings her engineering training, business acumen, and big heart to relentlessly advocate for her family of clients.

Emily received her BS in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. She began her career as a Healthcare Engineering Executive where she thrived and excelled over a ten year tenure. Here, she earned her MBA education in the trenches, and on paper from Oregon’s Marylhurst University. Her hard work, dedication, and integrity earned her the title of Principal Engineer for several offices of the Department of Veterans Affairs across the US.

Emily sought out opportunities that would allow her to apply her experience with complex capital asset management but with an emphasis on helping individuals pursue personal successes and spark local community impact. Thus, she began her financial services practice in 2013. Because of her intense corporate experience, Emily understands first-hand what it is like to be an individual having the best of intentions and investment skill, but not having the time and bandwidth to take on the major responsibility of financial planning without a professional advisor team.

Emily truly believes that the potential of young people and small business owners in our Pacific Northwest community is largely underestimated based on her work nationally. Her genuine interest in and strong advocacy for her network has served her well, and allows her to cultivate very strong lifelong business relationships with her clients.

Emily is a mother of two who writes on all things related to self-reliance, time and money, and other parenthood epiphanies she’s picked up along the way. Her vocation is experimentation, and has tested her theories in the trenches in government, large corporations, small businesses, and on the monkey bars. Come say hello on Facebook for more insights on all things related to personal finance.

Extraordinary Experiences

They aren’t just for the old and wealthy. You have one life with an unguaranteed duration, and boilerplate models are probably not going to match what really happens in your lifetime. Let’s design extraordinary experiences for you while life is happening.

My Core Values

Values-based personal finance is what I teach, and yes, we are going to talk about and develop your sense of value. Eveyone’s values are different. Here are my current top 5:




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